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Sport Physicals

2019-20 Sport Physical Information:

All student-athletes must complete a physical examination and corresponding PIAA CIPPE paperwork in order to be able to participate on any athletic team.  Per PIAA rules, this physical exam MUST be performed or certified after June 1, 2019 – NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS DATE.  All athletes that wish to participate in more than one season must complete Section 7 of the CIPPE form (see CIPPE Section 7 link below) to be re-certified for subsequent seasons.

If a student-athlete is injured and seeks medical attention during a season they must have Section 8 of the CIPPE form (see CIPPE Section 8 link below) completed by the attending physician before they can participate in a subsequent season.  It is recommended that you have Section 8 filled out at the time your student is cleared by the physician so you will not have to return and have the form filled out at a later date.

The school district will sponsor sport physicals once a year, which will be held on Monday, June 3rd from 6:00PM-9:00PM.  All student athletes (Fall, Winter & Spring) are invited and encouraged to attend the school physicals.  Physical packets will be handed out when students sign up for a Fall sport during lunch periods on May 2nd and May 3rd.  Any student-athlete who does not plan on doing a Fall sport but does plan on doing a Winter or Spring sport should pick up a physical packet during the Fall signups or extra physical packets can be picked up in the Athletic Office or Middle School Office. The cost for the school sport physical is $5 (if pre-registered - directions on how to pre-register is on the physical packet cover letter and can be found linked below) or $20 (walk-ins on the day of the sport physicals) and checks should be made payable to: Oley Valley School District.  All students who pre-register will be given a specific report time for the school physicals.  All walk-ins on the day of the physicals should report at 8:00PM.  If you need a referral to obtain a physical because you are unable to attend the school physical or you have any questions about these requirements please call the Athletic Office at 610-987-4111 Ex. 2. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES TO ATTEND THE SCHOOL-SPONSORED PHYSICALS SO THAT THERE IS NO DELAY IN CLEARING A STUDENT FOR PARTICIPATION IN A FALL, WINTER OR SPRING SPORT.

*Please make sure the entire CIPPE booklet is completely filled out prior to showing up for the physical exam and all necessary signatures are completed. 

**If completing the sports physical with your primary care physician, you must submit the completed packet before the start of each season.  Students will not be cleared to start participation until 24 hours after the completed physical packet is submitted to the Athletic Office.  Due dates for completed CIPPE packets and/or recertification forms each season are:

Fall - Thursday, August 1st

Winter - Friday, November 8th

Spring - Friday, February 21st

2019-2020 Sport Physical Information – Information about the school sport physicals on June 3, 2019 and directions for completing the CIPPE forms and registering for a parent/fan account for schedule change notifications on the website.

2019-20 CIPPE – Please obtain these forms from the HS Athletic Office or MS Office (due to the complexity of these forms we are requiring that you get the booklet from one of the offices rather than printing from the website – while our forms contain all necessary PIAA information, there also is additional district-specific information that is not included in the generic PIAA physical forms found on the PIAA website).

CIPPE Section 7 (Complete this form after finishing your first season of the year to become re-certified for additional seasons, either Winter or Spring, in the 2019-2020 school year)

CIPPE Section 8 (Complete this form if you were injured and were under the care of a doctor since the completion of your initial sports physical – form must be included in your re-certification process for subsequent sport seasons)

Student-Athlete Code of Responsibility & Communication Plan (Please read this before completing and signing the CIPPE form)

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Information 

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Application

*Per PIAA and School District Policy, all students must be covered by personal health insurance, or purchase the voluntary student accident insurance before participating in a scholastic sport.

Asthma Action Plan - To be completed each year by all student-athletes who have asthma - requires doctor certification.  This form should be returned each year with the sport physical or directly to the High School or Middle School Nurse.
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