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COVID-19 Information

In accordance with Pennsylvania's COVID-19 regulations and guidance, the Oley Valley School District Board of Directors have approved an Extracurricular and Athletic Health and Safety Plan to help reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 while starting to resume participation in sports and other extra-curricular activities.  This plan outlines the steps that will be taken by school district coaches and staff members when limited summer training and activities start on or after July 1st.  The plan also helps educate students, parents and staff members about the risks of COVID-19, the symptoms to be aware of, and the steps that need to be taken if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 with one of our students or staff members.  ANY STUDENT OR STAFF MEMBER WHO HAS COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, OR HAS BEEN RECENTLY EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WHO HAS COVID-19, IS NOT PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY SUMMER TRAININGS OR ACTIVITIES AND MUST STAY HOME!  These symptoms include but are not limited to: temperature over 100.4, cough, nausea or diarrhea, sore throat, shortness of breath, or close contact/cared for someone with COVID-19.

The return to play Health and Safety Plan requires that all students participating in a sport or extracurricular activity for the 2020-2021 school year, and their parent or guardian, read and familiarize themselves with the plan and then sign a waiver form.  The waiver form outlines the expectations for all students, parents/guardians and school staff members, including screening expectations that parents are required to do prior to their child attending any summer workout, in-season practice/game, or participation in any other extra-curricular activity (such as Band, FFA, Drama Productions, etc.). 

All students, parents/guardians, and OVSD staff members should click on the Health and Safety Plan below and read it in its entirety.  After reading the Health and Safety Plan, then click on the Participation Waiver for Communicable Diseases including COVID-19 and complete the waiver form.  The waiver form requires that both the student and the parent/guardian electronically sign the waiver form.  Students will not be permitted to start any summer workouts, in-season practices/games or any other extracurricular activities until their waiver form is on file with the Oley Valley School District.  

Please note that under both the Yellow and Green COVID-19 phases, activities are restricted to the participants, coaches, staff members and officials.  Spectators are not currently permitted.  Parents/guardians are asked to stay in their vehicles when dropping their child off at summer activities and maintain social distancing.  Likewise, students should maintain social distancing while waiting for their ride home.  All students must bring their own filled water bottle and may not share water or any other personal items with any other student. 

As of the newest order from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (July 1, 2020), any student athlete, coach, or staff member that has traveled to a state designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a COVID-19 "hot spot" is recommended to quarantine themselves for 14 days prior to returning to voluntary workouts and activities.  For an updated list of these "hot spot" states, please click on the following link to the Pennsylvania Department of Health website: "Hot Spot" State Traveling Recommendations  In addition to the travel recommendations, it is advised that everyone wears a mask at all times, besides when they are actively engaged in physical training/sport participation.  This includes when students arrive at voluntary workouts and activities, during breaks, and when they finish workouts and are leaving school district property.

Any questions about the Health and Safety Plan or the Participation Waiver for Communicable Diseases including COVID-19 should be directed to the Director of Athletics, Mr. Timothy Rhoads at or by calling 610-987-4111.  

Please click on the link to access the:

Athletic and Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan

Please click on the link to complete the:

Participation Waiver for Communicable Diseases including COVID-19 

*Please complete 1 waiver per student, siblings should each complete the waiver form.
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