NCAA Student-Athlete

Student-Athlete Seeking College Career

Any student-athlete who wishes to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level should make themselves familiar with the NCAA and the rules that govern intercollegiate athletic participation.  NCAA institutions are broken into three (3) classifications:

  1. Division I
  2. Division II
  3. Division III

Division I and II institutions can award athletic scholarships while Division III institutions can only provide academic scholarships.  Qualifications for playing in each Division vary and can be found in the NCAA Student-Athlete Guide found in the link below.  All Student-Athletes are encouraged to start planning for their future their freshman year.  Waiting until your senior year will put you behind in the recruiting process and may result in a loss of an opportunity to continue your athletic careers.

If you have any questions about the NCAA Clearinghouse or playing collegiate athletics please contact the guidance office or athletic director.  Also please take the time to read the letter found below from the Guidance Office and Athletic Office on the importance of starting to plan your NCAA eligibility during your freshmen year of High School.  It is never to early to plan for success!

2023-24 Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA Eligibility Center For Student-Athletes